STRIDE Everyday; Fashionable Women’s Underwear

Not that long ago I had the privilege of reviewing a new revolutionary product called Stride Everyday.

If your not familiar, Stride Everyday is a fashionable woman's underwear that has extra protection very discreetly hidden in the panty.  Wendy Spencer developed Stride Everyday after giving birth and suffering with UI.  Wendy; like I'm sure many women, grew tired of dealing with panty liners and desired a more environmentally friendly solution.

The patented technology behind Stride Everyday is unique.  The top microfiber layer wicks away moisture; panty liners retain moisture and this can lead to problems such as yeast infections. The second layer works at deodorizing and preventing odors.   The bottom layer prevents  leaks.  This amazing patented technology can absorb a full ounce of liquid.

Some other benefits include:

Washable (non-disposable)
Premium Quality
Environmentally responsible
Keeps You Dry
Cost Effective
Naturally Deodorizes
Fights Odors
Fashion forward styles
Comfortable (no bunching)
Confidence Boosting
Very Convenient – wear & go 

 Stride Everyday is practical and cost effective saving an estimated $125 a year on disposable pantyliner and pads. 

Shape Magazine Editor's Pick: "Best new undies for runners" 

Stride Everyday comes in five different styles.  I own the Sport Bikini and Seamless.   I mentioned in my last review that these are the nicest undergarments I have ever owned.  These are ideal for exercise and because their technology is so discreet one would honestly never know these are protective underwear designed for UI sufferers.   I think this is why most women will find these to be an asset to their wardrobe.
   You can purchase Stride Everyday on the website .  Free shipping for orders over $30.
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