Combat Dry Summer Skin

When I was a kid,  I had a friend whose mom would smear Vaseline Jelly on her face.  I remember her doing this after a long day spent in the sun. She told me it was the only product she used on her face. That was her beauty secret.  I'm sure all the beauty and skincare connoisseurs are wincing at the thought of smearing Vaseline Jelly on one's face, but I have to say, she had great skin and aged quite well.  Now, if I doused my entire face with Vaseline Jelly, it would be covered with pimples of every size, shape and color.

Oh, but I love Vaseline Jelly! it's the first thing I would take with me on an arid desert island.  There are so many uses for this inexpensive product that its mind boggling.

It should be of no surprise that the Vaseline Intensive Care line of products live up to the reputation that Vaseline had established decades earlier with their jelly.

Recently Vaseline re-staged it's core line of lotions in the Vaseline Intensive Care line to include a more intense line of moisturization.  Perfect to combat summer's moisture deprived skin.

Quench Summertime Skin

The Sun's rays in the summer are a delight.  Yet they can wreck havoc on the skin.  One way is by depleting the skin of moisture along with essential oils.  This in turn can lead to premature wrinkles, oh the horror. I have found that even the best of sunblocks do nothing to moisturize parched summer skin.

The very affordable line of lotions in the Vaseline Intensive Care line are formulated with humectants that restore lost moisture.  The Vaseline Jelly in the products go to work at helping the skin replace its natural oils while providing instant relief from the summer's drying rays  

I was sent the Advanced Repair Lotion from the Vaseline Intensive Care Line to review.  It only took one use for me to see and feel the difference in my dry hands and feet.  The dry skin patches on the top of my feet are already softened after two applications.  That is no easy feat; pun intended.  Amazingly it absorbs quickly into the skin which is something I didn't expect with the level of moisturizing.

Along with the Vaseline Intensive Care line of moisturizers, another item to have in your beauty arsenal this summer is the Spray & Go Moisturizer.  This is another great product from Vaseline that is a summer must-have.  Its leak proof bottle is perfect to throw in your handbag or tote for any summer activity.  This cool, refreshing spray moisturizer is the perfect remedy for skin exposed the to the beautiful, yet hot, drying sun.

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