Sleep in Warmth & Luxury With Fleece Sheets-Where to Buy

I recently purchased a bunch of fleece sheet sets, one set for various family members.  I am totally in awe with these luxuriously soft sheets.  They are so warm that I am able to keep the thermostat set at fifty five degrees, while staying warm and snugly in bed.  Everyone loves them!

I purchased mine at Macy's because they were holding a special for the Martha Stewart Fleece line, however, I found a line that is highly reviewed and even more affordable than what I paid.

I enjoyed reading the reviews for Malden Mills Polarfleece sheets that are available at QVC for less than what I paid at Macy's.   They are currently on sale, like the full set pictured below, for only $35, that is a bargain price for such a luxury item.

Malden Mills Polarfleece Ella Full Sheet Set

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