Take Ten Pounds Off In Seconds

I have been battling losing ten pounds for quite some time.   Too long in fact.   This is why I have become adept at choosing body shapers.  Basically anything that will give me the illusion of being ten pounds thinner.  It's proven to be easier then diet and exercise;)

I've learned that more from a shaper is needed then just holding in, or flattening the body.  They need to be designed to enhance and contour the body.

Leonisa has an assortment of shapewear that passes the test and will do quite nicely in this arena.

The Celebrity Style Body Shaper reduces thighs, hips and waist without creating excess bulges. 

The Celebrity Style Body Shaper pictured above is a compression garment with lots of key features that will take off those pounds in all the right places.  No bulges and no flat butt, just perfect slimming and contouring.   The garment also offers breathable fabric that repels moisture.

The zipper makes it a little less challenging to put on the garment.  Compression garments are meant to give the wearer extreme results, so your actual size may seem small, especially when putting on the garment for the first time.  Leonisa makes choosing the right fit easy by providing a size chart to accommodate both smooth or firm control.

Leonisa was featured on The Doctors for an ideal post surgery garment as well as an everyday body shaper.

It definitely has my seal of approval.

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