Keep Your Feet Warm With Smartdogs

I recently read a statistic that keeping your feet warm can cut the risk of colds by sixty seven percent.  The reason is that cold feet cause blood vessels in the sinuses to tighten and this in turn makes it difficult for white blood cells to get to the mucus membrane of the sinuses.  This causes you  to become vulnerable to airborne germs.   Moral of the story: keep you feet warm. 

  I had the privilege of receiving the Hoodback Slippers from Grandoe's Smartdogs line.

Slippers with temperature regulating technology

Posy Hoodback Women's Slippers

Along with comfort and durability these slipper have an added bonus called Comfort IQ.  What this does is stores body heat and then releases the heat as needed. Thus, they provide you with the perfect level of warmth.   Conversely it also means you won't get over-heated.

Other cool features include a patented honeycomb foot bed delivers air cushioned support for optimal comfort.

There's nothing I don't like about these slippers.  A truly fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one.

They also come in a couple of different styles for both men and women.

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