The Bangle Bracelet; A True Classic

The bangle bracelet has been a fashion staple for quite some time.  Originating from India many moons ago, the bangle has certainly stood the test of time.

I have fond memories of raiding my mom's jewelry box and piling on the bangles.  I loved them back then and I still love them today.

Mango Tree Fitted Bangles takes this fashion accessory icon to another level.  Mango Tree is founded by a husband and wife team that takes their creative cues from the beauty found throughout the natural world.  Each bangle is handcrafted from mango trees.  The mango trees used to create these bangles are no longer able to produce their delicious fruit.  Thus, no mango trees are unnecessarily harmed.

Mango Tree is environmentally friendly and ethical company.

I chose the very lovely Golden Green Slim style bangle pictured below.  Deciding which bangle to choose was no easy task.  Mango Tree offers fifty colors and three styles and they're all really striking.

The bracelet is truly exquisite.  Very delicate and the hues are stunning.   Fits flatteringly on the wrist. Obtaining the perfect fit is easy because mango tree offers four sizes and easy sizing on their site.  This is important because there is nothing worse than a bangle that is too big.  I've found that bangles should go on snug to achieve a perfect fit.

Another detail I appreciate is the Mango Tree logo on the inside of the bangle.  Because these bangles are handcrafted no two are alike.  So with Mango Tree you know you have something truly special.

Affordability. The bangles only retail for twenty three to twenty seven dollars each so they're budget friendly. They are currently on sale for eighteen through twenty three dollars.  Awesome value, cause you know you want to stock up on those bangles so you can stack them, mix and match and get creative.

The fashion industry is abuzz with Mango Tree Fitted Bangles  

You will certainly find a worthy selection of bangles at Mango Tree to add a little extra something to your favorite ensemble, or better yet,  let the bangles take center stage and be the star of the show.

You can find Mango Tree throughout the U.S. at select retailers such as Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus as well as their site where they ship around the world.  To learn more visit


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