Airline Unable To Accommodate Obese Woman

You may already be familiar with the tragic death of New York based woman Vilma Soltesz, who has callously been dubbed as "too fat to fly"  when she was rejected by several airlines due to her obesity.

Both Vilma and her husband boarded an airplane from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines after spending some time visiting their homeland of Hungary, only to be humiliatingly removed from the plane.  Preparations were made in advance to accommodate Vilma who was reported as weighing four hundred and twenty five pounds.

KLM claims the reason for removal was due to insufficient seat belt and apparently the airline felt the sea belt extender wasn't sufficient .  Vilma suffered from both kidney failure as well as diabetes and desperately needed to get back to the states to resume medical treatment.

After five hours of waiting the couple received news that they would need to drive to Prague where they could then board a bigger airplane that offered appropriate accommodations.   Unfortunately it was there that they were told the plastic wheel cheer was not equipped to hold Vilma's weight, thus she was unable to board the plain.

A third attempt was made on another airline only to be rejected yet again due to insufficient seat belt.

Two days after the first ordeal Vilma passed away.

The US airlines are apparently more prepared in these situations.   Both Vilma and her husband were able to fly to their homeland for vacation, the problem was, they weren't able to return. Very tragic.


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gina valley said...

How unbelievably sad!
Such a ridiculous waste!


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