Durable Rugged Clothing from Mountain Khakis

For all of you thrill seekers and adventurers or even those of you that prefer the milder activity of fishing or the pseudo sport of golf, you will surely appreciate the rugged and durable apparel from Mountain Khakis.

Mountain Khakis mission is to "be the best mountain-inspired life-style apparel brand".  It appears that they have succeeded.   This shouldn't be a surprise considering that Mountain Khakis was founded by mountaineers from beautiful Wyoming.

Mountain Khakis continuously delivers clothing that is built to withstand the rigors of mountain living.  So it's really quality clothing that is made to last.

MK offers high-end apparel for both men and women that are actually pretty reasonable in price considering the durable quality and workmanship of this line.  The clothing is not just practical, but I would also describe it as classically stylish or on trend as opposed to trendy.  When you buy from Mountain Khakis you can expect to get mileage out of your purchase.

Mountain Khakis; made for outdoor living

 I really love to see guys dressed in this type of clothing.  I guess it's the rugged quality.

MK also has a nice selection of women's apparel. I was sent the W's Anytime Tank for review and I was actually pleasantly surprised because the picture on their website does not do this tank justice.  On the site the tank is simply cute, however, in reality it is quite stylish.

 I really love this tank and sadly these photos don't really do it justice either.  This women's tank is a mixture of cotton and linen. On MK's site it's described as having a slight "slub" for added texture.  The above picture didn't fully capture this detail, but I would describe it as a slight gathering of the fabric in the torso. Like I mentioned the picture doesn't do it justice  and it's a shame because in person it is actually slimming and much more flattering.

The tank itself is also very feminine, I would love to have one in every color.  At forty dollars each that would get very pricey.  Whether or not this tank delivers in durability remains to be seen.

As the name suggest you can expect to find a complete selection of khaki pants and shorts as well as capris for the gals.

If you're looking for clothes to accommodate a lifestyle filled with activity or perhaps you just want to look the part visit mountainkhakis.com

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