Pretty Nails For Spring/Summer 2012

Springtime is the time of year many of us take our feet out of hiding and expose them to the world.    But, before we do we need to pretty them up a bit.  I rely on Dazzle Dry; Cruelty/free vegan nail lacquer.

The fact that this nail polish is vegan and cruelty free is what drew me, but what kept me coming back is the quality of the nail lacquer.  When Dazzle Dry nail color is used in conjunction with the Dazzle Dry System, it can last chip free for up to four weeks.

Now I have to admit, it hasn't quite lasted me that long.   Much of it has to do with my busy life, but I'm not complaining because this nail polish has lasted me longer than other high-end nail polishes I've used in the past.  It's also by far the best vegan nail polish I've used.

It is important to use the base and top coat to see the long lasting results, which are actually nice on their own.  See my review to learn more.  This is a fast drying system, so application is a breeze.

Dazzle Dry Spring colors are stunning!  Subtle and classy is how I would best describe these soft hues. I was sent the Girlishly Giddy and the Smitten for review.  I have one of each on both nails and both colors are just my style, they're really lovely.   I can't wait to take the time this weekend to actually do my nails properly.

I love spring, but I'm also looking forward to summer.  Dazzle Dry new summer colors are perfect for a pedicure, I really love the three warmer hues on the left.

Don't hesitate to check out this cruelty free/vegan line of Nail Color at or Find Dazzle Dry on Amazon

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Lisa Cocuzza said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with Dazzle Dry. We appreciate it. xo

Vivian Valenty said...

Thanks for the review and the love!

lisa said...

You're welcome Vivian and Lisa, thanks for stopping by:)


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