Where Has Bruce Springsteen Been All My Life

I tend to go through life with an unusual amount of oblivion, I'm the person that literally lives under a rock.  I guess this is my only explanation as to why Bruce Springsteen remained under my radar for far too long.  Hey, it's not that I don't dig his music, it just that I never really went beyond the occasional radio airplay. I never took the time to examine the full body of his work.

My new discovery stemmed from a need, and that need was to find some inspirational workout music.  So I dug deep into the chambers of some classic hits.  I started with Nirvana; whom I never really appreciated, and I began to unearth some of their classics.  During this time I discovered that I have quite a bit in common with Kurt Cobain, for instance we are both introverts.

Now, some of this is foggy and I couldn't quite tell you when exactly I traded in Nirvana for Springsteen.     Don't get me wrong, I still relate to Cobain, but I admire Springsteen.

 I spent the past week or so downloading a ton of Springsteen songs and watched just about every available video spanning his career, so at this point I am bordering on an obsessed fan.

Pretty-boy Bruce Springsteen throughout his career

I know what you're thinking, It's hard to believe that a pretty boy like Springsteen could possess so much talent as a songwriter, musician and performer.  My thoughts exactly.

 Bruce starting playing gigs when he was sixteen.  Back then they would play all day long, no easy feat.  In the early seventies Bruce started making a name for himself by performing in his native New Jersey with the core of what is known as the East Street Band.  In 1972 the East Street Band would be joined by saxophonist Clarence Clemons.  Adding another element of genius to an already phenomenal band.  When these guys toured they took the stage for three and four hours straight. Who can do that today?

Bruce and the band in the 70's and in I believe 2008

Bruce and the East Street Band were voted the best live act of all time in Rolling Stones Magazine,  bar none!

Thunder Road-1976

Check out a 59 year old Springsteen belting out Badlands in 2009 

Is there anyone today that can hold a candle to this legend?

Very few artist have earned their place in music history.  Current trends will always become irrelevant. One thing, however, will remain a certainty..and that is that Bruce Springsteen will always be relevant.  One hundred years from now folks will still; on some level, relate to the words from this brilliant lyricist,  be swept away by his melodies and be completely mesmerized by the accompanying deep, raspy vocals that compliment every Springsteen song.

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Amber said...

My mom got me hooked on Bruce Springsteen's music! He's one of my favorite now - more so than pop and top 40!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

lisa said...

@cdziuba That is so cool!!!

puye said...

My aunt got me hooked on Bruce Springsteen's music! He's one of my favorite.
[email protected]

Christine said...

Any fan familiar with The Boss' work will tell you that The River is perhaps his most polarizing work.
Thanks for the chance!

raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

Danielle S. said...

I love listening to The Boss! I had a friend in college who really got me into his music.


smilekisses said...

I am a huge fan of "The Boss." Seen him several times in concert. Sure miss Clarence though! RIP
dolniaks at consolidated dot net

Dlori said...

This brings me back to my college years when my friends and I were lucky enough to get Springsteen tickets. Best contest I ever went to. Never have seen a performer stay on stage for hours as he did and he and the audience enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you also for giving away great muffins and the eyelash serum, envyderm. As an eye serum junkie, this is one product I'd love to try. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Gift Princess said...

Well, my fiancee got me listening to Bruce Springsteen when we were in his car the first time!

[email protected]

BlackAsphodel said...

Hm, I listened to "We Take Care Of Our Own" and I might come to like him. I've never heard any of his songs before. Except "Streets of Philadelphia" of course. ;)

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

desitheblonde said...

im not sure how old you are put bruce has been around since i was a kid and he sang a lot of song and he had the first wife who got mad he was seeing the girl in band who now his wife and they have kids

desi the blonde at msn dot com

Ashley Morrissey said...

My mom and dad got me hooked! I have them to thank for my Bruce Springsteen obsession. :)

-Ashley Marie Morrissey

sandyandcosmo said...

I've been hooked since Born to Run!

Gina said...

Bruce Springsteen is classic & timeless. He has had a remarkable career & its well deserved.
yummyfaerie at hotmail dot com

Sarah said...

I don't have any Springsteen albums.

Sarah said...

While I don't listen to him often, I have to admire a musician who is so timeless!


alicia zirjacks said...

I have been listening to Springsteen since I was a kid and I still love listening to him!

greenhome said...

I don't have any of his CDs.

bigbossross1 said...

I love badlands, you should have born to run on here. I think the badlands footage was from the HBO concert.

sweepsking35 at yahoodotcom

Anonymous said...

I was Born in the USA too :)

Liz Neal

marcsgirl61 at gmail dot com

jaragabrielle said...

How could anyone NOT like bruce?!
Not only is he of course..(cough) good looking, he has amazing songs!!!

jaragabrielle1018 at gmail.com

A Roach said...

I loved him since I was a little kid!

daveshir2005 said...

I just always love hearing him sing Santa Clause is coming to town at Christmas time.

[email protected]

fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
google +/ shirley pebbles

Anonymous said...

Seeing Bruce live in concert is on my "bucket list" and I would love for it to be sooner rather than later. :)

[email protected]


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