A home for your TV

Several years ago my mom purchased a vintage inspired armoire for her television.  This piece of furniture was lovely, but it didn't quite work in her living room.  the armoire was slightly too big and didn't quite blend with the other furniture. 

She returned the armoire and eventually found something more suitable.   A slightly smaller version that blended perfectly with her furniture.

When it comes  to TV furniture there are so many options available on the market that finding one that suits your taste and decor is really rather easy.  I personally really love a TV armoire because they house and hide the TV and I like an out-of-sight television.

I tend to favor bygone decor, however, there are some nice modern TV stands  like the Nexera Pinnacle Black stand pictured below.  Perfectly made for the the TV that is why it works so well.

 An entertainment center is also a viable option because of the increase in storage.  These days entertainment centers come in all shapes and sizes.

With so many options available, I found that looking for the perfect piece of furniture to house you television is really a fun and interesting endeavor.
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