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It's summer time summer time sum sum summer time..

I live in the north east and I'm really a warm weather girl.  The spring and summer are my favorite months and they seem to fly by so quickly.  To make the most of the summer I prepare the patio as soon as the weather starts to get warm.  I try to make the most of every warm day and lately the weather has been spectacular.

Current Patio
The patio furniture that I am using really needs to be replaced, however, I would like it to last at least one more summer.  So maybe at the end of this summer I will look for end-of-the season sales, however at the moment I am making do with this old furniture. One thing I am going to need is comfortable seating

 Outdoor daybeds, have you heard of them? talk about comfortable seating.   Oh my, I am completely enamoured with this daybed, sadly it's completely out of my price range.

Oh the luxury!  This particular model retails for over two thousand dollars, I'm sure it's worth every penny.  Although I most likely wouldn't be able to afford this on clearance:(

Patio sofas are a little more in my budget and definitely on my list.  I really love the set below. A three cushion sofa and rocker would be so ideal.

I'm also going to need a new patio dining table and chairs.  The below set is definitely my style. 

I probably should just break down and treat myself this summer.    I won't but I should.  Summer goes way too quickly for me, that is why I plan on moving to Florida.
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