Dreaming of my Dream Bed

When I was a little girl I was out shopping with a friend and her family.  For some reason I still have this vivid memory of us being in the furniture section of a local department store.  My friend's mom was taken with a bed and was doing her utmost to get her husband to buy her this bed. 

I suppose the reason I have this memory is because I too was taken with this bed. This was the first time I laid eyes on a sleigh bed.   I was simply mesmerized,  after all this was the most magnificent bed I have ever seen in my ten years of life.

I remember that bed was very similar to the king size sleigh bed pictured below.  It wasn't just the grandness of the bed that struck me, but the details and the sled-like feature. 

Sleigh beds are a true classic, yet they are versatile enough to fit any decor.  You can see by the image below that a sleigh bed can work in a contemporary setting.  Very clean lines, yet you still have that classic sleigh headboard.

Of course I'm an old fashioned kind of girl so my dream bed would be a classic sleigh bed in Cherry finish.  I envision the bed pictured below.  Truly classic and would match my furniture perfectly.

Whatever your style sleigh beds add a certain something to a room while giving you the feeling that you are sleeping in luxury.  I still think these beds are magnificent.

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Unknown said...

As soon as I graduated highschool my loving grandpa let me move into his rental house. He bought me whatever bedroom set i wanted. I ended up getting a huge bedroom set from naturewood. It was anyones dream bed with large poles and marble top dressers with two lamps and a chesterdrawers. alltogether it cost about 7,000 dollars. It is now ten years later and i no longer have it. i gave it to my parents. It does not fit in my small apt but i can say that I have had the bed room of my dreams!

lisa said...

WOW Mizzreviewlady that sounds like a true dream bedroom. If you happen to have pictures you should post them on your site.

Bunk beds said...

It is a dream one, wish I had the third one.


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