American Idol & Direct TV

This guest post from Mickey Garza:

"One of the best family friendly programs out there is American Idol. American Idol is truly one of the greatest shows to have ever been created. This show features various singers that compete against one another to claim the title of the American Idol. It is so much fun to see how hard singers are willing to work, in order to achieve this great goal. I also love to see the comments of all of the judges on this program.

 I love watching American Idol with my family for free on demand on my Direct tv. My family and I will always crowd around my television, to see just how well certain singers performed in a given week. All too often, we will fight with one another about which singer was the best on a show. It is so much fun to compare all of the singers and see how well they are able to do against one another. I truly enjoy being able to keep track of my favorite artists throughout the season. I love calling into the show, in order to vote for my favorite singer. When Carrie Underwood was on this program, I remember calling into the show all the time, in order to vote for her. I truly love Carrie Underwood and think that she has such an incredible singing talent."
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