Organically Grown Baby Clothing Review

We live in a mass production world and as a result we are surrounded by harmful products on a daily basis. Even our favorite cotton shirts could be detrimental.

Conventional cotton is grown using 456 pounds of pesticides each year and 7 of these are said to be carcinogenic. That's not all, cotton is then processed using bleaches, dies and very possibly a Formaldehyde finish. If you're not familiar with Formaldehyde, I can assure this is not something you want near your skin. Some manufacturers may use retardant chemicals for fire resistance. Shocking I know. Children and babies are the most vulnerable to these unhealthy chemicals.

Organically grown is a company that is committed to a green environment. They sell organic apparel and home decor at affordable prices. Their cotton is free from the harmful contaminants listed above.

I love looking through their selection of babies clothing. Here are some of my faves from the Winter Collection:

Organic Cotton Girls "Cute & Fuzzy Penguin" 3 Piece Set

Organic Cotton Boys "Let's Go Sledding" 2 Piece Set with Bib


You can purchase these adorable pieces and other Organically Grown items on their website.  
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