Need A Blog Makeover? 1st Floor Flat Can Help

Free blog background by Susie Jefferson

I'm not what you consider adept when it comes to web design, however, I do have a high appreciation for unique and creative websites. Several of my favorites that I have come across are owned by Susie Jefferson.

Susie's websites; all with the base name 1st floor flat, are uniquely designed with a captivating bygone style. I love how she brings this old world charm into the modern day blog world.

You can also find Susie's art work on her 1st floor flat etsy shop, where she also sells her custom blogs. Susie works patiently with each individual to create the blog of their dreams. This is a wonderful thing for those of us who are creatively and html impaired.

Whenever I want to do a little something extra with my blog I visit Susie's site: The Computery, this site is filled with the best  tutorials.  Even if turning on your computer is more of a challenge then you can handle you will surely appreciate Susie's  explicit step by step instructions.   

Susie is a remarkable artist and after reading her tutorials it is evident she has a gift for teaching.  Among her vast repertoire  she also teaches  rubberstamping and bookbinding classes as well as write for craft magazines. 
I know that I could easily spend an entire day perusing Susie's 1st Floor Flat sites. Paradoxically, getting lost in a bygone era while  learning how to spruce up my blog.

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